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FirmoLin Systems

Welcome to the website of FirmoLin Systems. We are a Dutch company that develops and supplies production systems for Thermally Modified Timber (TMT).

TMT is an interesting alternative for impregnated timber and exotic wood species, which are becoming increasingly limited by regulations or by availability. TMT is produced from regular wood species, using heat and steam only. No chemicals are needed.
TMT is:
- Non-toxic material
- Dimensionally stable
- Up to class 1 durability (CEN/TS 15083-1)
The patented FirmoLin pressure steam process adds:
- Superior mechanical properties
- Superior volume uniformity

The result of many years of R&D in TMT production is brought to the market by FirmoLin Systems. We offer an outstanding production machine for TMT. Unique for this machine is an in-line measurement and control of the degree of modification.

But that’s not all, we offer more than a machine:
- Unequalled production quality assurance system
- Treatment recipes with proven performance

- Customer support on durability testing (ESR system)

- Customer support on new TMT product development
- New recipe/product trials in our lab-scale autoclave

FirmoLin Systems provides a total solution for TMT, that’s why you should explore this website further.

FirmoLin: Superior Technology, Superior Wood
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